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About Us


Resources availble for programming in .....VB 3,4,5,6 ...VC++....TCL...MS Apps. Inquire about our up and coming projects.

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  • Custom application interfaces for liquid handlers.

  • External device control interfaces.

  • Method writing and design.

  • Custom Labware definitions.

  • Unique solutions for unique situations.


We have resources available for Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, CAD, Electro-Mechanical, Thermal, Project Management, Prototyping to production.
Custom Hardware:  All Materials Available

  • Labware: Holders, racks, trays
  • Plates, Reservoirs, Coolers & Heaters
  • Improved pipetting tools, Pin Transfer tools & Pins
  • Automation components: gripping, conveyors...
  • Electronic components: Dispensers, Shakers, lifts
  • Just ask...we can probably help. We do it all the time.
Let us help you bring your kit to market on the most popular platform in existance the Biomek 2000 with over 1500 units installed worldwide it's a great place to start. Laboratory and Applications Developement Onsite services are available in conjunction with our friends at Molecular Biolectrics. We can make it happen!
Application Support: 
  • Methods Development: Sagian, Tecan, CCSPackard, Beckman Coulter, Hamilton,etc.
  • Applications development.
  • Operations training: Onsite and Computer Based Training Multimedia.
  • Scientific services are available for Genetic Analysis, Drug Dicovery .

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