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Titer Garage Ô
This is a Chillable holder used to cool skirted and unskirted microtiter plates. This device can be used with various automated liquid handlers and benchtop laboratory use. It will keep the contents chilled for more than ~1 hr* at room temperature. 12 mini Gel paks included

Automated Use:
Define the TITER GARAGE using the respective software utilities for your Liquid handler.
To do this increase the definition height Z + 25.15 mm.

Plate use Biomek 2000
Place the plate in a standard labware holder measure from the top of the plate to the stainless steel deck, and record this value(Platetop). Then place the same plate in the Titer Garage and measure the same distance. (Titer Garage top) subtract the (Titer Garage top) – (Platetop) = new Z offset for the device holder. Copy a device ‘labware holder ‘ name it ‘Garageholder’. Add the determined Z offset in the Labware position deference section. Save. Use this definition under this type of plate additional definitions can be created for other plates as needed.


Device Height: ……….. 29.30 mm

Plate Height………….. 25.15 mm

Positions as a titer format plate at the base.

Place as many mini gel paks into the TITER GARAGE locate a representative plate and refrigerate for 24 hours to give the gel paks shape (be careful not to over stuff, the paks may swell when frozen). The Beckman foil seals or packing tape work great to seal the paks in place . This device can also be used as a collar holder for the DynamifoldÔ . If you encounter any difficulty with this product feel free to contact Jeff Cahlik at Acme-Automation.

*Depends on a number of conditions like plate type,well depth, well volume



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