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384Reactor Adapter : 384 well reaction plate, thermal adapter.

DescriptionThe 384 Reactor Adapter is a thermal adapter for various 384 well conical plates that work in conjunction with heating and cooling devices .i.e. Thermalizer, Thermal Elevator. The large thermal mass and integrated design provide a good platform for incubation and cooling applications.

InstallationLocate the 384 Reactor Adapter in a labware position that has the thermal device resident. By defining the grip type you can move the adapter along with the plate as a stiffener or leave it at the controlled location for maximum stability. Thermal transfer may be improved by using thermal Silicon coupling grease. When left resident in a location the Z height for the location must be increased depending on plate type it can range from + 4.0 7.0 mm. Testing with the plate can determine the proper height.

OperationIn operation you can assist removal of plates by lightly coating the adapter with a silicone spray or light oil. (PAM). Because of the larger thermal mass it will take longer to reach temperature. It may be required that once a temperature differential is identified a user should insert a correction factor to take this delta Temperature into account



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