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The Big96 a 50mL x 96 deck rack. We now offer recirculating reservoirs up to 12 different channels...Having trouble with your Biomek NX aspirating with all 8 channels, check out the uChannel12 reservoir and see the difference.  The new Cooling and Heating  ALP, the 'CHALP'  a lower cost High performance alternative .  Reaction plate and Flat bottom thermal adapters for 96 and 384 well configurations.....UniThermX .A universal Heating /Cooling block for the benchtop and most pipetters........   Biomek FX ALPS. heating/cooling/mixing.Span8 and full 8,  Continous  recirculating reservoirs 'Evervoir96/384'....Auto-Refilling reservoirs 'Filling Station96-384'

  Serving the Biotechnology industry
since the last mullenium.

Offering a wide variety of goods and services
 for Laboratory and Robotic products.

At ACME-Automation  we look forward to meeting the needs of the Biotechnology community. As you will see, we offer product solutions some of which simply do not appear elsewhere. Let us custom design a OEM product or Software solution for you. Our product development cycles are very short, It can cost much less than you think.  We already have an extensive client list , check it out on the links page. Please  feel free to contact us regarding any of your automation needs.  

Tour our site and offer your feedback ...We hear you! 



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